[News] End SARS: TB Joshua,Chukwuemeka Odumeje , Nigerian prophets wey see vision about Nigeria protest

Is not a new thing that Nigerian Christian preachers like seeing vision and prophesy under different case for society.
E no dey surprising to many say some pastors bin make prophecy about di nationwide End SARS protest wey youths for di kontri do against police brutality and bad goment.

1.Prophet TB Joshua
Di founder of di Synagogue Church of All Nations bin tok during sermon on July 14, 2013 say, “Dis na vision wey I see, carry your youths along. I dey see revolution; I dey see pipo dey enta streets. You fit stop protests but you no fit stop revolution. Dem fit stop am for di beginning but later e go blow sotay e no go fit stop. Dis na wetin I see say go happen. Nigeria, pray.”
2.Prophet Odumeje
Prophet Odumeje wey many sabi as ‘Indabosky’ bin share one of im messages from early dis year wia im tok say dis year no be year of joke, na year of fight.
“Listen to me, pray for Nigeria because riot, confusion evriwia. I see wia dem summon curfew but pipo ignore di curfew and come out to protest wetin dem want witout any care”, di prohet wey popular well-well for social media tok.
3.Prophet I.O Samuel
As part of im year 2020 prophecy, Prophet Samuel bin tok say im see ‘pipo wey dress like military dey very brutal to citizens and dis na pipo for Nigeria.’
Im also prophesy say im dey see ‘youths dey run up and down afta protest and many lives, property gone.’
4.Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin
For June 22, 2020, Prophet Fufeyin bin prophesy say bin give prophecy about Nigeria wia im state say di kontri dey shake and pipo dey tok about am.
Im add say im dey see deaths and say make di youths pray for di kontri.

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