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Every year there is a new hot button issue in the music industry and there are professionals speaking about it. With everything more digital-focused in 2020 because of the pandemic coronavirus and beyond it is important to balance that with in-person networking and community-driven music business education.
The best way to achieve this is to pick a conference.
Build relationships with attendees and speakers alike and continue to build your network in the music industry. The problem is there are so many conferences popping up without much deference to actual quality, focus and expertise. Regardless, there are great conferences across the world that are great for networking and you can combine a couple of them to get an all-round immersive experience.
These are my go-to music business conferences for a mix of education, conversation, entertainment, networking, and development.
Their conference is no different. The conference is really focused on education. Not only because of stories from panelists but also sessions that show you how to improve your situation in the Music Business.
The conference takes a deep dive into methods that will help you:
Book more and better gigs
Target new fans online
Establish a career without playing live
Build an email list that makes you money
Get the most from your videos
Dial in your artist “brand”
Unlike the other conferences, this conference is focused on helping independent artists monetize and grow their fan bases across a multitude of disciplines.
The festival is for literally everyone in the space:
Artists • Labels • Managers • Publishers • Distributors • Streaming services • Rights collecting societies • High-tech companies • Startups
• Brands • Communication agencies • Booking agencies • Promoters
Not only that, they just have the right eye for who the people want to hear from in regards to Keynote Speakers, questions and answers also Panel Discussions.
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