Gift Cards And Bitcoin Trading Culture In Nigeria (Crypto9japays Founder – Mr. Oladipupo Samuel)

There used to be days when most of the now easy-to-do things were tough because of non-civilization in this part of the world, sending items and money from foreign countries cost a lot more stress, verification and sometimes extra fees to get them done, which I don’t think any of us deserves the stress, With the Introduction of cryptocurrency in 2009, it was easily and widely accepted by Nigerian because it was a solution to our long time stressful lifestyle

The introduction of bitcoin have made it easy for Nigerian in diaspora send money to wherever they want because cryptocurrency has no geographical barrier or ethnical barrier , as long as you have a wallet address , bitcoin can be sent to your wallet from anywhere in the world , the main reason why most country government don’t want it or always go against it , because it has stopped them from getting the normal remittance fee from international funds transfer like Western union , MoneyGram and so on , with the widespread of cryptocurrency , various companies and stores like Apple, Amazon , Starbucks, PlayStation , Xbox , Google and so on starts issuing gift cards which were only packed into holiday gift packages back then , before most stores started selling them. Unfortunately some of this gift cards are included in packages of people who actually don’t need them, for example “a 70 year old single man given a gift that contains a Sephora gift card when we all know Sephora gift cards are used only on Sephora store which sells mostly only female stuffs” or an android user given an ITunes gift card as gift when we all know only Apple product would use an iTunes gift card so. Instead of wasting or abandoning the gift cards, we have Fintech companies that can buy them and pay FIAT (Any Country Currency). Most people would ask how is the bitcoin changed to naira (real money) or how can a gift card exchanged to naira (READ ABOUT DROPSHIPPING)?

We have had some few exchange companies earlier as at the launch of bitcoin in West Africa but when the fintech space was expanding more, a lot of people were getting scammed and there was a lot of wrong impression about bitcoin trade. In 2017, Acepaid Technology a registered digital marketing company introduced a subsidiary of the company “CRYPTO9JAPAYS” to help solve the problem of unreliable trades, CRYPTO9JAPAYS deals mainly on exchange of bitcoin to naira and exchange of any unused /new gift cards to naira at a reasonable rate with a fast payment. Trade were initially done on WhatsApp but we had lot of complains about people cloning fake WhatsApp and claiming to be us , so we stopped trading on WhatsApp and launched our website platform for safer , faster and reliable trade ( , We have made the digital world easier for everyone and we would keep satisfying all our client from all of the world , you can sign up and make an account in less than 3 minutes , you start trading with the most reliable bitcoin and gift card exchange company in Nigeria. Follow our Instagram @crypto9japays

Crypto9japays Founder
Mr. Oladipupo Samuel

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