Dablin Jidrek – Ghetto Boy

We present to you the newly recorded studio work titled “Ghetto Boy” from the very promising young Nigerian singer Dablin Jidrek which is out now. Ghetto Boy is a single off the singer’s forthcoming EP titled “No Stress” that is also set to be released soon 😎✌🏾.

Ghetto Boy is a song that documents the evolution of the typical ghetto child, and Dablin Jidrek expresses his unique creativity in this song by creating a different tune from Tem’s “Try Me” instrumentals. 🤯🔥 This song mirrors the stark reality of thousands of young boys and girls not just in Africa, but around the world who are born into the most unfavourable conditions, into harsh environments, and have to struggle their way up the social ladder or die trying 😔.

The powerful lyrics of this song provides insight into ghetto life by highlighting details such as the heartbreak, loss and hunger. Quotable lyrics are:

“…I don’t know what you want from me, because the street took a lot from me…”

It’s such a powerful line because it exposes terrific effects of life in the ghetto such as the ones the talented musician sonically sings about:

“…Broken hearts, broken trust, broken homes, broken feelings, broken love…” However, the song ends on a very optimistic note.

The ghetto boy finally struggles to find his way despite the harsh realities of his environment, and now he is reaping the rewards . This is reflected in the closing lines of the song:

“…Now I see my mama flexing; ghetto boy don turn softie…”

These lines stresses the importance of hard work and not giving up and that gold can come out of dirt.

Listen, Download and Enjoy Below:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablin Jidrek – Ghetto Boy

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